The Association of plastic surgeons of West Bengal was registered as a society in the year 2006.This association was originally a state branch of the National Association of Plastic Surgeons. The West Bengal State Chapter of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) was established in September 1973, following the 8th national conference of the APSI which was held in SSKM hospital, Kolkata. The founding members of our association were Dr. Rasamoy Ganguli, Dr Murari Mukherji, Dr Anjali Mukherjee, Dr Amit Ganguli and Dr Sheila Rohatgi. At that time the APSI was a section of the Association of Surgeons of India and its president was Dr Rasamoy Ganguli.
In May 1983, the 18th summer conference of the APSI was held in Darjeeling with Dr Samir Bannerjee as the organizing secretary and Dr Amit Ganguli as the President of the APSI. The West Bengal State chapter of the APSI thereafter had it own bank account and a corpus for independent functioning.In September 1998, the 33rd national conference of the APSI was organized in Kolkata with Dr Siti Roychowdhury as president of the APSI and Dr Bijay Majumdar as organizing secretary.
From these humble beginnings the Association of Plastic Surgeons of West Bengal has evolved from being a mere state chapter of the APSI to a registered society in 2006. This independence from the parent body was accelerated by the decision taken at the general body meetings of the APSI from 2001 till 2004, that all state chapters of the APSI will no longer be a part of the APSI. Every year since 2001, our association has been organizing the annual West Bengal state conference of plastic surgeons in Kolkata. The 18th Annual Conference of the APSWB was held in Apollo Hospital, Kolkata.